The Littoral Chair ends in 2024

The Littoral Chair, or Sentinel North Partnership Research Chair in Ecosystem Approaches to Health, was created in July 2019 and launched in February 2020 as a continuation of the Nasivvik Chair in Ecosystem Approaches to Northern Health (2016 to 2019). 

The Littoral Chair ends in 2024 and this website will no longer be updated. Several chair projects will continue in the years to come.

Since 2019, the Littoral Chair aims to work in collaboration not only with Inuit, but also with First Nations and coastal communities.

These populations, who live on the shores of oceans and lakes, are key partners and contribute to the 3 main axes of the Littoral Chair. Our mission is to conduct interdisciplinary research and intervention projects in order to:

  1. Innovate in research and better understand the complex effects of environmental changes on health;
  2. Act in prevention at local, regional and international scales;
  3. Improve communities’ resilience to global changes;
  4. Promote healthy ecosystems to sustain the health and well-being of Indigenous and coastal populations.

The 3 main axes of the Littoral Chair

Axe de la Chaire Littoral

Objectives of the Chair

Fichier 28littoral

Contribute to biomonitoring efforts on environmental contaminants

Study the effects of contaminants and nutrients on human health

Study the impacts of climate and ecosystem changes on health and local food systems (availability and access, quality, uses and preferences, sustainability)

Mobilize knowledge into actions by discussing research findings with communities, by contributing to the implementation of recommendations and public policies, and by participating  in expert committees on Indigenous health and environmental contaminants

Our partners and collaborators

Partenaire de la Chaire de recherche Littoral

Our institutions



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